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Driving actionable yet insightful decisions.

What is Sikka Insights?

Sikka Insights collects up-to-the-minute, consent-based, deidentified data from dental, veterinary, and optometry health care providers, which utilizes our single API to seamlessly connect with Practice Management Systems. Practice-level data is aggregated to track trends at local, state, regional or national levels to drive actionable yet insightful decisions.

Sikka Insights in Action

Industry Trends

Sikka Insights has created an interactive heat map to display the growth in production by state as practices begin to experience a rebound. Visit the Industry Trends page to experience the data yourself.

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Why Use Sikka Insights?

Sikka has over 22,000 opt-in Dental Practices and 1,000 Veterinary Practices in the U.S. and Canada who report daily. All information is deidentified at both patient and practice levels but, at the same time, still able to inform estimates of business volume sold by publicly-traded companies, such as dental appliance and equipment manufacturers, distributors, and insurance providers.

customer retention
Predict sales
Find new
customer service
Manage target marketing

Who Can Use Sikka Insights?

If you are helping practices in the dental, veterinary, optometry, chiropractic, orthodontist, oral surgery, insurance and adjacent markets, whether you are a manufacturer, financial service provider, strategic consultant or an analyst, you can get the benefit of using secure and deidentified consent-based data from Sikka.

Consider the following diseases that can be diagnosed by dental data:
  1. Osteoporosis
  2. Narcolepsy
  3. Oral Cancer
  4. Trigeminal Neuralgia
  5. Hypophosphatasia
  6. Implant Failure

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Why Choose Our Data

Data and insights provided by Sikka Insights are based on opt-in practices that help increase awareness, improve business operations, promote efficient decision making, which optimizes the entire industry.

Wide Reach
  • 35k+ opt-in retail healthcare installs
  • 124M patients across the U.S.
  • Integration with 96% of the major practice management systems
Real Time Activity

Our vast integration provides us with overnight updates on in-depth practice activity

Location Specific

We provide reports and subscriptions including data options from state, county, and zip code level to de-identified patients & practice activities

Collecting Real World Data

All information is deidentified at both the patient and practice levels but, at the same time, still able to inform estimates of business volume of products sold by publicly-traded companies, such as dental appliance and equipment manufacturers, distributors and insurance providers. The information on volume of business by procedure type can tie directly into models of company sales and be correlated with known historical revenue and earnings to estimate current period results ahead of earnings announcements.


Unique Patients

on the Sikka platform across North America



processed daily on the SikkaPay platform


Daily Aggregate Value

of all claims, transactions, procedures and fees

Clinical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Sam Desigan

Sam Desigan

Business Leader of KPI, API and Clinical Business
Email | Direct (408) 516-0509


Sam Desigan is an executive with over 20 years of strong Healthcare Technology, Finance and Business Development experience. He has strong Pharma and Biologics experience with Claris Lifesciences (Baxter subsidiary) and deep Medical device experience (with KICVentures and portfolio companies, including AxioMed, among others). He also has strong business development experience having negotiated Data sales with IMS, Symphony Health and Elsevier for a large national clinical association.

Insurance Industry

Lewis Goldman

Lewis Goldman

Sikka Insights – Insurance


Lewis Goldman has over 20 years of experience in insurance and financial services, leveraging data for disruptive innovation across a variety of products and services, and is leading Sikka Software’s Insurance business. Before working with Sikka, Lewis served as executive of LendKey Technologies, a FinTech company. Prior to LendKey, Lewis worked for several years in insurance, including as head of marketing and product for Global Life Distribution and the MetLife direct to consumer life insurance business. He brings a track record of success nurturing and scaling businesses through marketing, new products, new channels of distribution, partnerships, and cross-sell at companies where he worked including Citigroup, LinkedIn,, Amazon, New York Life, and several FinTech and InsurTech startups. Lewis currently teaches marketing at St. Johns University, and is a graduate of Harvard University and Columbia Business School.

Buy-Side Investing and Manufacturing

Gerry Mintz

Gerry Mintz

Sikka Insights – Markets
Email | Direct (408) 906-8434


Gerry Mintz leads the Sikka Insights data business. He has spent 20+ years as a strategic business leader and advisor in the financial software and information business. He has grown global businesses ranging in size from $10M to $600M. Gerry served previously as CEO of PerTrac, President of Gartner Executive Programs, EVP and Global Head of Enterprise Information Systems at Reuters and CEO of FAME. He has also been a strategic advisor to a number of information and software companies and a member of several Boards.