Who we are

Sikka is helping to rethink the important retail healthcare market

What is Sikka?

Sikka is helping to rethink the important retail healthcare market using an award-winning single API cloud platform with Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. Sort of like Stripe in payments and Twilio in communications, Sikka is focusing on non-physician practices in dentistry, vets, optometry, chiropractic, orthodontic and oral surgery.




Healthcare practices can connect to Sikka’s secure platform to gain access to hundreds of partner services to optimize their business.



Use a Sikka application or one of our partner applications to optimize the business of your healthcare practice.



In addition to making your business successful, Sikka uses its connectivity to offer insights into 5 different healthcare verticals.

Our Vision

Optimizing the business of healthcare with connectivity, applications and insights.

Our Mission

To be the platform that transforms global retail healthcare.

Our Reach

Sikka Software now has 35,000 practice installations and 124 million patients on its platform. The Sikka API Platform connects to 96% of the retail healthcare market, including practice management systems and financial systems that most practices use. There are 50 apps built by suppliers (many of them Fortune 500) on Sikka platform and 4 apps that Sikka has built on its own. The company vision is to become a global, real-time, platform that connects and empowers the patients, providers and suppliers. The total services spend in this market is more than $260B per year. Sikka ONE API won the Best Health API Award for 2019 from API World.

How can Sikka help you?

Sikka has solutions for all your business healthcare needs!